Ship's log

History 2002 – 2013

After many years of absence, the Elbe was welcomed back in Rotterdam on January 4th, 2002. For the first time since September 1976, the ship returned under the name Elbe, and with a blue painted band on the funnel. The ship’s first berth was at the Wilton harbour in Schiedam. At this place, restoration made […]

History 1985 – 2001

In 1985, The Association of Maryland Pilots decided to donate her pilot cutter Maryland to the environmental organization Greenpeace. As a result, the original Elbe was even rebuilt more, with hydraulic cranes for launching the well known inflatable rubber boats and she got equipped with a helicopter deck for air support when finding her way […]

History 1976 – 1985

In 1976, Smit decided to push off the Elbe and offered her for sale. One of the terms was that she would not get into the hands of a rival. When the Elbe was rebuilt to pilot cutter, where, of course the towing winch was removed, she would be heading into a bright new future. […]

Fleetshow Dordrecht

Een fantastische avond vanuit Vlaardingen naar Dordrecht, waar de vlootschouw van Dordt in Stoom plaatsvindt. U kunt dit meemaken aan boord van de Elbe! We vertrekken met de Elbe om 17.00 vanuit de Koningin Wilhelminahaven in Vlaardingen. Daarna zetten we koers naar de Oude Maas, waar we de Botlekbrug passeren. U heeft hier een unieke […]